New product for psoriasis treatment is very successful

Approximately 3–7 % of the whole population suffers from psoriasis. Nowadays mainly corticosteroids are being applied to the chronic forms of this disease. However, many bad side effects of this hormonal treatment drive us away from using steroid products overly. Patients have been calling for natural types of treatment. And now, hew hope has been brought into their lives.

New hope

"Australian doctor, Mr. Michael Tirant has developed a product line based on fruit acids. The clinical tests conducted so far look very promising," says distributor of the new cosmetic products, Mrs. Jutka Sibik-Kovacs.

The effectiveness of these products is even proven by one of the leading Czech dermatologists, Prof. Frantisek Novotny. He has tried the set of three Dr Michaels products directly on his patients. Two months of using the treatment meant great improvement. "I have to admit, I was very skeptical. After all, it is only an alternative method. However, I was very surprised with the results," says Novotny. The products worked with more than 80 % of all patients. Novotny has been using this treatment with his patients for three years already. “Some patients remain healed for over a year,” he adds.

The only disadvantage with Dr Michaels products is that they are not covered by insurance companies by now. However, Jutka Kovacs fights for this. One set costs a patient approximately two thousand Czech crowns. And what do these products consist of? There is no secret to this either.

Products with protected trademark Dr Michaels had been tested by specialists even in Austria.”The results of their clinical study were so significant, that the doctors conducting these tests thought that products contained corticosteroids or calcipotriol. A total of 140 chemical tests have proven that my products do not contain even the smallest amounts of these elements,” justifies the products their inventor, Dr. Tirant.

Patients: Now I really live a new life

Doctors refer to the fact that Dr Michaels products are suitable mainly for chronic forms of psoriasis. With acute forms the results are not so remarkable. Positive feedback from using this new treatment was given not only by dermatology centers from all over the Czech Republic, but also by patients themselves through many websites. “Because of the size of the affected skin area the whole procedure took me about 45 minutes in the morning and in the evening, so it was quite time-consuming. However, after three months of using this treatment, 95 % of all spots were gone and I can just enjoy the feeling of taking my t-shirt off and having no red spots,” says Milan Popelka.

Marketa Vanova was also very happy. Thanks to the natural content of these products she could even use them with children. Her 11 year old son therefore does not have to be ashamed to go to school and be among his classmates any more. “After using the product for four days, psoriasis in the scalp was almost gone. Except for a few small pink spots, after 7 his scalp looks just as any other healthy person’s scalp. On his body, the big spots are slowly getting healed and the tiny spots are not getting bigger. Just imagine an 11 year old boy standing in front of a mirror crying from happiness” described her experience Mrs. Vanova.