The efficacy of products is 82 %

Dr Michaels are natural products suitable for improving dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and more.

Czech dermatologists published in 2008 the efficacy study results of mainly natural products by the name Dr Michaels. Trials were performed on ten dermatology clinics. Patients with psoriasis undergone tests which lasted maximum eight weeks, and experts were very surprised with the results.

Totally cured were 60 % of a total number of 203 patients. Another 15 % of patients reported improvement by 75 % and more than 7 % of patients improved by 50 %. The overall success rate of this large study was quantified by doctors at 82 %. This proved the experience of their foreign colleagues from past years, who recommend the triple combination of cleansing gel, ointment and body conditioner – thanks to its high efficacy – for use even in severe cases of psoriasis.

The great advantage of all three products is that they do not contain corticosteroids.

Why Dr Michaels?

  • because our products are based mainly on natural ingredients,
  • because our healing products do not contain steroids,
  • because we have more than 25 years of experience in treating dermatological diseases,
  • because this treatment method has been successful in treating dermatological problems on several clinics.

Dermatologists confirm the healing power


Patients' experiences

  • Help with Dr Michaels

    "I hen-pecked my psoriasis. I wish for every psoriasis sufferer to experience 4 months with no worries – just like I did. And because I got helped, I decided to try to help others – through media and through my personal story. I hope it works and people try those natural based, corticoid free products from Dr Michaels and they relief them…Dr Michaels products, unlike most of other ointments, have a great smell (they are made of natural ingredients, for example various oils). For more information, including the results of clinical studies, please, visit my personal blog"

    Ondrej Tichota, Melnik

  • Dr Michaels works

    "Dr Michaels has such results in terms of psoriasis treatment that no other remedy has so far." 

    Vaclav Vasak, Praha 8

  • My psoriasis got better in a month, after 3 years of suffering

    "For more than 3 years I used to have big problems with my dry scalp, I was continuously using different products prescribed by my skin doctor, but nothing helped, my condition worsened. I stopped wearing dark clothes, because I was embarrassed by white skin flakes on my back. You cannot imagine my black computer keyboard at work, car seat covers, etc. The worst was the constant itch, which was unbearable. There were such big dry scales on my head, that I stopped going to the hairdresser. I started studying these problems on the internet and ordered my first Dr Michaels set. I started with the treatment process according to the directions. You may not believe me, but nowadays my head is not itching and there are no scales. I shortened my hair for easier application and my 3 years of suffering are gone. The first set cost me about 3 000 CZK at the pharmacy, therefore I was happy about your offer. My skin got better in a month, which is incredible, but it is a fact. I recommend everybody to give it a try, it is a miracle. On top of that, in the spring, I had an atopic eczema on my hands and in my face, and that cleared off as well." 

    K. K., Mostkovice

  • It looks promising

    "I have been using Dr Michaels for 2 weeks now and results look promising. Except for the price."

    Jaroslav Zajicek, Dolni Dunajovice

  • I have tried everything

    "After 25 years of co-existence with my partner psoriasis I came accross a non-hormonal treatment that helps me to tame this "shrew". I had tried skin doctors, folk healers, sea, spas, hormonal and even non-hormonal medicines, had not eaten meat for 4 years, no alcohol intake for 1 year, but nothing helped – only "THE HOLY TRINITY" Dr Michaels, the remedy for all of us who suffer from psoriasis."


Patients' forum

  • Long-term use

    1. 6. 2007 |
    "I have been using Dr Michaels Cream for two years already. So far I am absolutely happy, but I would like to know if there have been any long term tests done "the loss of effect if used long term". I am very surprised that it still "works" like at the beginning. That...

  • Psoriasis is gone

    17. 9. 2007 |
    "After applying the three products by Dr Michaels, after three weeks there was 100 % improvement, there are no signs of psoriasis any more. Plus I had a vacation by the sea, and upon return there is no psoriasis. The sea + the sun had positive influence. I recommend this." Otakar...

  • Finally I feel good in my skin

    1. 4. 2007 |
    "I am very pleased to be able to use Dr Michaels products during pregnancy. I apply per directions and the external symptoms are already disappearing from my limbs, after 14 days. I finally feel good in my own skin. I will definitely recommend your products to each and every...

  • The price of Dr Michaels

    6. 6. 2005 |
    Marta "Dear Vladimír, I read your instructions and all about Dr Michaels with great interest and it really sounds like a fairytale, even with the happy end! I wish you all the best. I am a similar case to yours, a few small and also bigger lesions on legs, on elbows, in scalp –...

  • My skin is lighter every day

    2. 3. 2008 |
    "Good morning, I am extremely happy that I have found out about you on the internet. I studied everything carefully and purchased one set. I have had psoriasis since I was sixteen. It was in a hidden form on my elbows, but after the birth of my youngest it became much worse. I have also...