The efficacy of products is 82 %

Dr Michaels are natural products suitable for improving dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and more.

Czech dermatologists published in 2008 the efficacy study results of mainly natural products by the name Dr Michaels. Trials were performed on ten dermatology clinics. Patients with psoriasis undergone tests which lasted maximum eight weeks, and experts were very surprised with the results.

Totally cured were 60 % of a total number of 203 patients. Another 15 % of patients reported improvement by 75 % and more than 7 % of patients improved by 50 %. The overall success rate of this large study was quantified by doctors at 82 %. This proved the experience of their foreign colleagues from past years, who recommend the triple combination of cleansing gel, ointment and body conditioner – thanks to its high efficacy – for use even in severe cases of psoriasis.

The great advantage of all three products is that they do not contain corticosteroids.

Why Dr Michaels?

  • because our products are based mainly on natural ingredients,
  • because our healing products do not contain steroids,
  • because we have more than 25 years of experience in treating dermatological diseases,
  • because this treatment method has been successful in treating dermatological problems on several clinics.

Dermatologists confirm the healing power



  • Hope for psoriatic patients

    Hope for psoriatic patients

    5. 5. 2009 |
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  • I suffered from psoriasis, now I am fine

    I suffered from psoriasis, now I am fine

    2. 6. 2008 |
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    You can’t cure psoriasis, but you can reduce the symptoms

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  • New triple combination of products based on natural substances

    New triple combination of products based on natural substances

    26. 4. 2005 |
    The new triple combination of products for psoriasis treatment, which are based on natural substances, was introduced to Czech Republic dermatologists on Tuesday.  It is already available in pharmacies and you can buy them over the counter, no prescription needed. This triple combination of...

  • Doctors are testing new treatment for psoriasis

    Doctors are testing new treatment for psoriasis

    24. 9. 2008 |
    For twenty five years Mrs. Marie Prstkova refused to wear shorts skirts during the summer time. What was the reason? Her legs were full of big ugly red flakes – psoriasis. "I also could not do my hair nicely, because my hair looked as if I had hardened egg-white in it" she...


  • New product for psoriasis treatment is very successful

    New product for psoriasis treatment is very successful

    20. 10. 2008 | 14 dní
    Approximately 3–7 % of the whole population suffers from psoriasis. Nowadays mainly corticosteroids are being applied to the chronic forms of this disease. However, many bad side effects of this hormonal treatment drive us away from using steroid products overly. Patients have been calling for...

  • PSORIASIS. Has revolutionary treatment been discovered?

    PSORIASIS. Has revolutionary treatment been discovered?

    1. 1. 2008 | Blesk Zdraví
    According to the study, the Australian products by the name of Dr Michaels have 82 % effectiveness. The product line is a combination of three products: Skin Care Gel, Skin Care Cream and Skin Care Oil. Red and flaky skin. Unpleasant itching. Fear to take your clothes off. Bad...

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    Fighting against Goliath

    1. 9. 2009 | EXTRA pro ženy
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  • Marie Prstková (57) – I know how to fight psoriasis

    Marie Prstková (57) – I know how to fight psoriasis

    1. 12. 2008 | Blesk Zdraví
    Till recently, Marie Prstková was always covering herself in long skirts and blouses with long sleeves from which you could only see her palms. "For almost thirty years I would not wear swimsuit, I would never go swimming. Now I finally can!" she says with a smile. Now she can easily...

  • New ways to treat psoriasis

    New ways to treat psoriasis

    2. 12. 2008 | Causa subita
    This was the main topic at the press conference during which the results of attestation study of effectiveness of Dr Michaels products were presented. All the psoriasis treatment so far has always been based on local application of products with high contents of corticosteroids as the main healing...