The efficacy of products is 82 %

Dr Michaels are natural products suitable for improving dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and more.

Czech dermatologists published in 2008 the efficacy study results of mainly natural products by the name Dr Michaels. Trials were performed on ten dermatology clinics. Patients with psoriasis undergone tests which lasted maximum eight weeks, and experts were very surprised with the results.

Totally cured were 60 % of a total number of 203 patients. Another 15 % of patients reported improvement by 75 % and more than 7 % of patients improved by 50 %. The overall success rate of this large study was quantified by doctors at 82 %. This proved the experience of their foreign colleagues from past years, who recommend the triple combination of cleansing gel, ointment and body conditioner – thanks to its high efficacy – for use even in severe cases of psoriasis.

The great advantage of all three products is that they do not contain corticosteroids.

Why Dr Michaels?

  • because our products are based mainly on natural ingredients,
  • because our healing products do not contain steroids,
  • because we have more than 25 years of experience in treating dermatological diseases,
  • because this treatment method has been successful in treating dermatological problems on several clinics.

Dermatologists confirm the healing power


Patients' experiences

  • I highly recommend Dr Michaels products to everybody

    “I highly recommend these products to be included in psoriasis common treatment methods, considering the previous costs of my longtime unsuccessful treatments (various creams, shampoos, baths atc.), and rapid improvement of my psoriasis after using Dr Michaels products." 

    Karel Elis, Kadan

  • I have been using the products for two months and my psoriasis is

    "Many greetings from your devoted patient! First I would like to thank you for your gift- skin oil, it has arrived in order.

    I have been suffering from psoriasis for 32 years. I had never had any symptoms until I was 20 years old, I think I might have caused it myself by eating Herbalive (or how is it spelled…)   It all started on my left shin, then knees, elbows, thatch etc. The only short term help - the sea, the sun and avoid a stress. None of the available medicaments helped, not even being a vegetarian for two years together with alcohol abstinence. Only the treatment Belosalic helps in the thatch, but it contains corticoids.

    I learned about Dr Michaels products on the internet while chatting with other psoriasis patients. I decided to give it a try and bought the whole set in pharmacy in Rychnov nad Kneznou. I have been using them for 2 months now and my arms are completely healed and my legs look much better. My knees are almost healed as well and I have to tell you that I started believing in complete healing. I am not going to use words such as miracle, incredible etc.,which are plentifuly used in today’s advertisement “massage”, but I am going to thank you and with my clear conscience recommend these products to all the psoriasis sufferers."

    Jaroslav Bunata, Peklo

  • I have tried everything

    "After 25 years of co-existence with my partner psoriasis I came accross a non-hormonal treatment that helps me to tame this "shrew". I had tried skin doctors, folk healers, sea, spas, hormonal and even non-hormonal medicines, had not eaten meat for 4 years, no alcohol intake for 1 year, but nothing helped – only "THE HOLY TRINITY" Dr Michaels, the remedy for all of us who suffer from psoriasis."


  • Dr Michaels products are really very effective

    "I am a long-term psoriatic patient. Until now I have never come across better working products for treatment than are these ones by Dr Michaels. I suffer from serious form of this disease and these products are really very effective."

    Alena Omarova, Pelhrimov

  • Contribution for Dr Michaels

    "I wish that for my problem that has been lasting for 38 years the next possible treatment would be covered by insurance. All my life I pay quite a lot of money for my health insurance and I belong among the ones that do not gather that much back from it, especially when this disease requires so much of costly maintenance. I want this for all of the people struggling with this disease."

    Marie H., Praha 3


  • Dr Michaels products tested on children patients

    14. 6. 2008 | Karolinum, Praha
    Senior MD Stepanka Capkova "I am skeptical about all the treatments, but the effectiveness of Dr Michaels products surprised me a lot. I had a chance to test them on 6 patients. We chose the most severe cases, those who will later end up on biological therapy, I think. I was very surprised...

  • Seminar at the Hospital Na Bulovce

    Seminar at the Hospital Na Bulovce

    6. 4. 2007 | Nemocnice Na Bulovce, Praha
    PSORIASIS TREATMENT: News – Dr Michaels (presentation: Prof. Frantisek Novotny)

  • Two-day Dermatological Conference

    Two-day Dermatological Conference

    27. 1. 2006 | Sirnaté lázně
    Part of the conference was Professor Novotny’s lecture about Dr Michaels products.

  • Healed patients

    14. 6. 2008 | Karolinum, Praha
    Professor M.D. Jana Hercogova, CSc. "Nowadays there are about 500 patients being treated for chronic plaque psoriasis with Dr Michaels products. We had a chance to treat at our clinic 20 patients in a clinical study, so we were able to get to know this treatment. On the other hand, if...

  • Seminar at the Dermatovenerological Clinic

    Seminar at the Dermatovenerological Clinic

    20. 6. 2005 | Fakultní nemocnice, Brno