Amazing product

"Good morning, I would like to share my experience with Dr Michaels products.

I am 21 years old, and I got psoriasis when I was about 14. So from this point of view I am quite experienced patient. First it started in my scalp, later I was getting smaller or bigger spots all over my body. I went to consult with my doctor, of course, therefore my experience with different corticoid and mixed ointment is quite broad. Most of you know how it goes – strong corticoid, then for about 2–3 weeks that overwhelming feeling of victory and then it all starts again, but the healing effect is not so strong any more. And not to even think about how this chemistry was destroying my body. Since then, I have tried various products from cannabis, which worked undoubtedly longer, however, psoriasis came back anyway.

And now regarding Dr Michaels.

I have to say that I had known about these products for quite a long time, but I kept telling myself that first I would try this and that and if it would not work, then I would try Dr Michaels (the reason for this hesitation was mainly the price of a set). Finally I bought the first set in December last year. I have to admit that due to large areas of psoriasis on my body the whole procedure took me about 45 min. in the morning and in the evening, so it was quite time consuming and sometimes I skipped one which made the healing longer.

However, after three months of treatment I can say…..absolutely AMAZING product!!!! 95 % of the spots are gone, and every day I can enjoy the feeling that when I take my t-shirt off there is NOTHING! And the best thing is – it is all pure nature! No chemicals, no more damage of my body! When I remember how much money I had invested into all the other products before I bought Dr Michaels, all those sets and the clean feeling I could have had a long time ago.

I would like to sincerely thank the people who got this set into our pharmacies! Today I know that I have got a good weapon against psoriasis, and even if I get a small spot from time to time, I laugh at it, because I know that it I will easily get rid of it within a week!

At the end…I am aware that there are many forms of psoriasis and not everything is applicable to all types, but it’s worth a try!

PS: It was quite easy to get rid of the papules on my trunk and arms, but the bigger spots on my shins kept being resistant even after two months of treatment. I almost wanted to give up and reconcile to the fact that it will stay on my legs. Finally I bought one more ointment and all the sudden after two weeks the papules started to vanish rapidly. This only proofs that with this treatment the results will not come in a week, but if you are persistent, you are almost sure to win. The last but not least – conquer it!"

Milan Popelka