You can’t cure psoriasis, but you can reduce the symptoms

Psoriasis and atopic eczema are genetic problems and therefore cannot be cured indefinitely. The only thing you can do is to reduce the skin symptoms”, says Australian scientist and medical researcher Dr. Michael Tirant, who was answering questions to readers today. During his online chat he also disclosed the main essence of his cream, which is so successfully used in treating certain skin diseases. The leading Czech dermatologists use it as remedy for their prominent patients. "It contains a lot of herbs and essential oils, the total number is 27. They come from different places all around the world and a few of them are originally from Europe, from Spain, to be specific," answered Tirant to one of the readers.

What drove Australian Doctor Michael Tirant into researching new products for the treatment of psoriatic and other skin conditions were health problems among his own family members. He has become one of the leading specialists and has been cooperating with prominent dermatological authorities in many countries around the world, including the Czech Republic.

"I was quite skeptical at the beginning, people keep bringing me “miraculous” treatment all the time, but at the end Dr Michael Tirant’s natural cosmetics was a pleasant surprise to us, “ says one of the leading Czech dermatologists, Prof. Frantisek Novotny from Prague Dermatology Center, who has tried these Australian products on 130 of his patients. "104 patients were completely free of any symptoms, another 18 patients experienced 50 % to 70 % improvement, 4 patients improved by 25 %," says Novotny. Doc. Jana Hercogova, the head physician of the Dermatology-Cypridology Clinic of Faculty Hospital Bulovka has similar experience. "In about a week patients can already feel the relief and within six weeks 80 % of them experience significant improvement," states Hercogova.

Children can also suffer from psoriasis

Every fiftieth Czech citizen suffers from psoriasis. It is incurable, inflammatory skin disease that mainly appears in scalp, limbs, chest and nails. It results in chronic, sharply demarcated plaques with silvery scales. During the time of treatment the disease can temporarily go into remission.

This disease mainly affects people between 20 to 60 years of age, more often women, and in about 15 % of all cases it can start even with children before 10 years of age. In approximately 60 % it is genetically predisposed, in other cases it can be in coherence with hypo-immunity.

Dr Michael Tirant

Dr Michael Tirant was born in the Seychelles, but lives in Australia these days. His product family named Dr Michaels helps patients with skin diseases all over the world.

Products can be purchased in pharmacies, but are not covered by insurance since they are not classified as pharmaceuticals.

Author: MF DNES, Petra Barochova