Xerosis cutis is the medical term for abnormally dry skin. This name comes from the Greek word "xero", which means dry. Dry skin is linked to a decrease in the oils on the surface of the skin. It is usually triggered by environmental factors. The following activities or conditions may lead to dry skin:

  • over-cleansing or over-scrubbing the skin,
  • taking baths or showers using excessively hot water,
  • bathing too frequently,
  • vigorous towel-drying,
  • living in areas of low humidity,
  • living in areas with cold, dry winters,
  • using central heating in your home or workplace,
  • not drinking enough water (dehydration),
  • extended sun exposure.

Treatment protocol

  • Dr Michaels Skin Care Cream
  • Dr Michaels Skin Care Oil


  1. Skin Care Cream: Always use the cream after you wash with soap. Apply on affected areas twice a day.
  2. Skin Care Oil: Use the body skin care oil 5–10 minutes after the cream. Apply on affected areas once or twice a day.