Unbelief in expensive „magical products

"I was also sceptical, due to the high number of unsound companies and ineffective products that are mostly very expensive. I am not the only one suffering from psoriasis, who searches, who listens to other sufferers what they do and where they travel to and how much it all costs. Dr Michaels products are not the only ones that I have tried. I have had a “smart mushroom” BioDelta (with no healing effect), tar and hemp creams and also different medications (mostly corticoids) from my dermatologist. They help, but I do not use them.

I got Dr Michaels products under the Christmas tree and I have been using them once a day since the beginning of this year. I have psoriasis on 35 % of my skin, mostly in big lesions. Some of the lesions are circumscribed with psoriasis and the inside is healing nicely, some of them do not want to give up. After seven days the scaling and also the tension in affected areas have improved – very much so. For the first time I do not regret the money spent on psoriasis products."

Jiri Landfeld