The price of Dr Michaels


"Dear Vladimír, I read your instructions and all about Dr Michaels with great interest and it really sounds like a fairytale, even with the happy end! I wish you all the best. I am a similar case to yours, a few small and also bigger lesions on legs, on elbows, in scalp – especially behind my ears. Unfortunately, I have been using corticoids for years and I am afraid to keep using them. Tazorac helped, but only on dry, non-red lesions, e.g. on elbows. A month ago I asked about Dr Michaels products in several pharmacies – they did not know about them! Therefore I am confused whether I read it right and if you are from the Czech Republic – because you say have been using the products for months now? I really think about this possible purchase – my financial situation is tight, I have just retired, but after reading your contribution I had made my decision – even if I have to starve, I will buy it and that is it!"

Vladimir (answer)

"I was also scared of the high price and of the possibility that I will apply the products a couple of times and they will be all gone. But I took the risk and I do not regret. I have to point out though, that my form of psoriasis is not the worst one. I have a few lesions on my arms, legs and in my scalp, which cover about 5 % of my skin. And thanks to the fact that the product rubs on wonderfully and a little goes a long way, I have only used about one quarter of the product after using it for 6 weeks, with application twice a day (I skip sometimes, but I will talk about that later). So at this rate one product lasts for 5–6 months, which translates into about 350 CZK per month."