Study of products

Psoriasis – Dr Michaels study of products

Dr Michaels products were tested by dermatologists during the year 2008 at nine Czech and one Slovak dermatological workplaces. The results of this study can be found here (PDF, 229 KB).

The high effectiveness of Dr Michaels products was already discovered in 2005 during not so extensive study during this year. As stated by Prof. M.D. Jana Hercogova, CSc. from Na Bulovce Medical Faculty Hospital, already after the six-week treatment with Dr Michaels products the condition of patients has improved by 70 % on average (PASI grading). Prof. M.D. Frantisek Novotny, DrSc. from Prague Dermatology Center PRO SANUM says that it is even 90 %.

Effectiveness and the methods of use

The tests conducted, so far have shown that Dr Michaels products have great influence on mild up to severe forms of psoriasis.

*In the newest studies of effectiveness of Dr Michaels mainly natural products not containing corticoids the Czech dermatologists have proven the great results of their colleagues from foreign countries. Majority of the latest tests took place during the first half of the year 2008 and Prof. Frantisek Novotny was monitoring his patients with psoriasis in the years 2005–2008. And these are the conditions of patients after the 8 day treatment:


completely healed improved
by 75 %
by 50 %
by 25 %
not improved downgrade did not come for last check-up
(59,11 %)
(15,20 %)
(7,88 %)
(6,40 %)
(7,38 %)
(3,44 %)
(0,49 %)

Total: 203 patients

Success ratio: 82,2 %

Chronic psoriasis

Dr Michaels products have high effectiveness with chronic forms, which is the case of 95 % patients. For acute exacerbation, that means for newly occurred symptoms Dr Michaels products are not suitable. It is rather better to wait after the acute condition of the patient calm down and then apply the products.

In order to achieve the best results it is highly recommended to avoid alcohol, smoking, stress and to protect yourself against cold. This can help the healing process of your skin. All these factors could in fact work against the healing effects of these products (which does not have to be the rule, however, doctors recommend to avoid them).

Permanent effect and minimum recurrence

The remission period, which is the time before the disease comes back (psoriasis cannot be permanently cured – it is genetically conditioned) is after the application of Dr Michaels products much longer in comparison with other medicine – patients remain without the symptoms on average up to one year. Plus, the area of affected skin in case of acute recurrence of the disease is only up to 25 % of the previous skin area prior to the therapy.


  • Results of Hungarian clinical studies (PDF, 396.26 KB)
    Prof. Dr. Horvath Attila, Institution: Univerzita Semmelweis, Budapest, Institut of skin and sexually transmittable diseases, H – 1085, Budapest, Maria ul. 41., type of study: public
  • Results of Austrian clinical studies (PDF, 130.41 KB)
    Prof. Dr. H. Honigsmann, university professor, University hospital clinic of skin medicine, Hospital of the Vienna City, Währinger Grurtel 18–20, A-1090 Wien
  • Results of Russian clinical studies (PDF, 2.86 MB)
    Prof. N.G. Korotky, doctor of medical sciences, member – correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the head of Institute of skin and venereal diseases of the Department of Pediatrics of the Russian State University of Medical Sciences