Psoriasis under control

"I have had psoriasis for many years, for fifteen years, in fact. I have tried about everything. What works the best are of course corticoid ointments, however using hormonal treatment for 15 years in form of different ointments is very harsh on the body. It was just going on and on, corticoids, some vitamin D derivates, (Psorcutan, etc.) and once a year a two-month Tomesa light treatment in Stepanska in Prague. That works quite well, plus it gives your skin a nice tan, and so you look pretty good for a few months. ;-))

For two years I saw in Stepanska leaflets for Dr Michaels products, which were supposed to be only natural, and according to various tests (conducted even by M.D. Novotny) they were supposed to be working great. At the end I decided to try them, although the truth is that they are not really cheap. On the other hand I have to say that the result so far has been amazing and really surprising. Psoriasis is still a bit „alive", probably also due to my rather relaxed approach towards the treatment, I have become a bit lazy after 15 years), but is stays within reasonable limits. Plus I do not have that bad feeling about taking too much chemicals. This is my opinion. For more information, go to I am not their agent, so try it out or not, it is your decision. I myself had been looking for something that would help me so I thought I would pass this information on. Greetings to everyone and let‘s kill this disease." :-))