Psoriasis: New therapeutic options

Psoriasis can be treated by some ointments containing steroids, but their biggest disadvantage is the high level of hormones. During long-term treatment they can make the skin thinner and therefore more vulnerable.

There are new cosmetic products for the treatment of psoriasis by the name Dr Michaels. The tests have proven effectiveness comparable with products that do contain hormones, although these products are based on natural components only. The price is slightly higher and so far they are not covered by insurance, therefore patients have to pay for these Australian natural products by themselves.

They had been tested in the Sanatorium of Prof. Frantisek Novotny as well as in Na Bulovce Medical Faculty Hospital. "We were surprised by the great results, although these products do not contain hormones", says M.D. Hercogová. According to Professor Frantisek Novotny the products have helped 90 % of their patients. They can be bought in pharmacies.