Psoriasis in scalp and Dr Michaels

July 4, 2006, Dorka

"I would like to ask those using Dr Michaels products to provide some information to me. I was also rather skeptical, but the result proved to me that it is really effective. Already after the first week of my treatment the red spots in my face were totally gone – what a beautiful feeling to get out of bed in the morning with no flakes on my face. You would not believe it unless you have been through it!!! However, I still have flakes in my scalp, and there I can’t use the Cream every day. If you have the same problem then you should use the Skin Care Oil in the evening and then use the Skin Care Gel in the morning, and leave it on for a few minutes. For me this is rather impossible during a regular working week. So the result is not so good. Does anybody use the Cream for the scalp? But other than that I have to say that Dr Michaels products are great, I can’t understand why this in particular works so much (it does not contain any chemicals). Who is still in doubt, just try it out and see!"

July 5, 2006, Lucka for Dorka

"I also use Dr Michaels products and I am very satisfied, what I did with my scalp was that I always applied the treatment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The truth is that it really worked fast in my scalp, but it took longer to work on the rest of my body. I also use the nimbo cosmetics along with this. The most effective is the nimbo oil, which can be ordered on the internet. I read about nimbo cosmetics in some Health magazine."

July 6, 2006, Radka for Dorka

"Dorka, I even used Dr Michaels Cream in my scalp. I had/still have bad psoriasis in my scalp, and I used Dr Michaels every other day, which was very time consuming, but I really did it for two weeks, and in my scalp, in my ears, behind my ears in my face FOR NOW it is absolutely clean. I do not understand how the big wet spots, mainly from my scalp, disappeared, but I am very happy. I am just praying it stays like this as long as possible, I can’t remember the last time I was this "clean", I was not even hoping I would even be "clean" like this again."