PSORIASIS. Has revolutionary treatment been discovered?

According to the study, the Australian products by the name of Dr Michaels have 82 % effectiveness. The product line is a combination of three products: Skin Care Gel, Skin Care Cream and Skin Care Oil.

Red and flaky skin. Unpleasant itching. Fear to take your clothes off. Bad emotional condition. Problems in professional and personal lives. All this comes with psoriasis. This disease can’t be cured so far, so the doctors at least try to suppress its symptoms. But now a miracle has been discovered! At least patients say so.

With this ingenious treatment that can be bought in pharmacies the disease is supposedly disappearing within a few weeks. Majority of psoriasis patients using this treatment are praising it. Various internet discussion forums are full of advice and experience with these products. Czech doctors have started to test them. A total of 203 patients have joined the "testing event" since the beginning of the year. Dermatologists from ten prestigious institutions took place in this study. And what are the results?

Unexpected success

According to the study, the Australian products by the name of Dr Michaels have 82 % effectiveness. The product line is a combination of three products: Skin Care Gel, Cream and Oil. They contain natural elements, plant extracts and oils. The main advantage is that they do not contain corticosteroids, which are hormones used in treating immunity systems which have anti-inflammatory effect.

Insurance companies do not cover them

"With my patients, the proven effectiveness with these products was unbelievable 93,8 %!," says one of the leading dermatologists, Prof. M.D. Frantisek Novotny, DrSc. So if these products are so wonderful, why are they not covered by insurance companies?

The reason is that they are not classified as medicine, but cosmetics. In order to classify them as medicine, they would have to undergo more thorough clinical tests. And the producer says he has no funds for that. However, for both patients and the insurance companies this would be great relief – while similar biological treatment costs approximately 400,000 CZK per year, this new product would cost only 4–6 thousand CZK a year.

Psoriasis destroys your joints, relationships and destroys you emotionally as well

Psoriasis is chronic inflammatory skin disease. The typical symptoms are red spots covered with silver-color skin flakes. The most frequent "triggers" for it are stress, infection in the body system or hormonal changes. It can be so insidious to even attack joints. However, the worst are the red spots on a patient’s body – this disease can destroy the patients so badly that it detaches them from activities which were in their lives before. Although it is not contagious, nobody suffering this disease likes to be looked at. Therefore things like swimming pool, short-sleeved shirts and shorts are simply taboos. The emotional block makes it impossible for some patients to even develop intimate relationships.