Products and their use

The efficacy of Dr Michaels products to treat the symptoms of psoriasis is 82 %

Czech dermatologists published in 2008 the efficacy study results of mainly natural products by the name Dr Michaels. Trials were performed on ten dermatology clinics. Patients with psoriasis undergone tests which lasted maximum eight weeks, and experts were very surprised with the results. Totally cured were 60 % of a total number of 203 patients. Another 15 % of patients reported improvement by 75 % and more than 7 % of patients improved by 50 %. The overall success rate of this large study was quantified by doctors at 82 %. This proved the experience of their foreign colleagues from past years, who recommend the triple combination of cleansing gel, cream and oil – thanks to its high efficacy – for use even in severe cases of psoriasis.

The great advantage of all three products is that they do not contain corticosteroids.

While products are not yet registered as medicine, they can be purchased in pharmacies throughout the Czech Republic. Psoriasis patients have a new method that is completely safe and without side effects. Reccurence also comes after much longer time period than with other methods. Also, symptoms of disease recur in much less extent compared to the original state before use.