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  • Amazing product

    6. 3. 2008 |
    "Good morning, I would like to share my experience with Dr Michaels products. I am 21 years old, and I got psoriasis when I was about 14. So from this point of view I am quite experienced patient. First it started in my scalp, later I was getting smaller or bigger spots all over my body. I...

  • My skin is lighter every day

    2. 3. 2008 |
    "Good morning, I am extremely happy that I have found out about you on the internet. I studied everything carefully and purchased one set. I have had psoriasis since I was sixteen. It was in a hidden form on my elbows, but after the birth of my youngest it became much worse. I have also...

  • Dr Michaels for pregnant women?

    19. 2. 2008 |
    "Greetings, a little while ago I raised a question whether it is possible to use your products during pregnancy. As I am going through the internet discussion here, I have already found a reply in which you mention that it is safe to use during pregnancy - that is what I thought. I have to...

  • I feel free again

    15. 11. 2007 |
    May 9, 2007 "Greetings to everybody after a one-month test of Dr Michaels product. I started on April 11, with my scalp all covered with flakes of skin, every day for the night I had to use the ointment and use the occlusion so that the following day I could be among people, my legs...

  • Psoriasis is gone

    17. 9. 2007 |
    "After applying the three products by Dr Michaels, after three weeks there was 100 % improvement, there are no signs of psoriasis any more. Plus I had a vacation by the sea, and upon return there is no psoriasis. The sea + the sun had positive influence. I recommend this." Otakar...

  • Long-term use

    1. 6. 2007 |
    "I have been using Dr Michaels Cream for two years already. So far I am absolutely happy, but I would like to know if there have been any long term tests done "the loss of effect if used long term". I am very surprised that it still "works" like at the beginning. That...

  • I did not hesitate a minute to buy Dr Michaels

    16. 5. 2007 |
    "Good morning, I never really publically react towards different issues, but I want to make an exception in this case. The reason is very simple: I wish that all the people with psoriasis could experience that tremendous feeling when you can put on any dress you want and not the kind of dress...

  • Results after 3 applications

    1. 5. 2007 |
    "It is really great. I am pleasantly surprised, after using the products only 3x I could already see the results." Ruzena Novotna

  • Finally I feel good in my skin

    1. 4. 2007 |
    "I am very pleased to be able to use Dr Michaels products during pregnancy. I apply per directions and the external symptoms are already disappearing from my limbs, after 14 days. I finally feel good in my own skin. I will definitely recommend your products to each and every...

  • This investment is worth it!

    25. 3. 2007 |
    "I am without psoriasis for two years already. It is in remission, the external symptoms are minor. I have had this disease for 20 years. I have been hospitalized a few times, once even in Prague with Professor Novotny in 1988. Last year during the winter I started to use Dr...

  • Finally products that work!

    1. 3. 2007 |
    "I bought your set and I have been using it for three days regularly, as recommended. Even just after the three days I am noticing big improvement. Finally there is something that works, I am very satisfied with your products and I will stick to the recommended time of use." Sarka

  • One year without psoriasis

    16. 12. 2006 |
    "I have had psoriasis for thirteen years, but what hurts more than the disease itself is the comments that some people have. People can be very cruel towards each other. Do not lose your hope! CREAM by Dr Michaels helped me! I have been without psoriasis for a year!" Marcia

  • Psoriasis under control

    31. 10. 2006 |
    "I have had psoriasis for many years, for fifteen years, in fact. I have tried about everything. What works the best are of course corticoid ointments, however using hormonal treatment for 15 years in form of different ointments is very harsh on the body. It was just going on and on,...

  • Psoriasis in scalp and Dr Michaels

    6. 7. 2006 |
    July 4, 2006, Dorka "I would like to ask those using Dr Michaels products to provide some information to me. I was also rather skeptical, but the result proved to me that it is really effective. Already after the first week of my treatment the red spots in my face were totally gone – what...

  • Works great!

    24. 6. 2006 |
    "I had psoriasis all over my body, from head to heals, simply a disaster. Nestor helped a lot, and now Dr Michaels products work great. But different products work different on everybody, so you just have to try." Lucka

  • My dermatologists cannot believe their own eyes

    8. 5. 2006 |
    "Hello, I just want to thank all the people involved in the development, distribution and counseling for Dr Michaels products. I bought them, tried them and could not believe my eyes! I had psoriasis on 5–10 % of my body, depending on if the “witch” had shown itself or not. But now I...

  • The price of Dr Michaels

    6. 6. 2005 |
    Marta "Dear Vladimír, I read your instructions and all about Dr Michaels with great interest and it really sounds like a fairytale, even with the happy end! I wish you all the best. I am a similar case to yours, a few small and also bigger lesions on legs, on elbows, in scalp –...