Patients' experiences

  • I would appreciate support of insurance companies

    "Yes it would be great if these products were covered by insurance since they are not really cheap.  I am a disability pensioner (47 years) and I have psoriasis since the age of 10, and of course with my not so high pension I can feel the money spent." 

    Jana Hraska

  • Blown away by the results

    "After a futile effort to heal my psoriasis and after a long hesitation (financial reasons), I had bought Dr Michaels set for almost 1/3 of my modest pension.I was blown away by the results and effects."

    Lubos Polak

  • I do not want my son using corticoids

    "I am writing on behalf of my son, who has been suffering from psoriasis since early childhood, and that is why I fully agree that this treatment should be covered by insurance. At the moment this is the only treatment that really works for him, and since he uses it on regular basis on almost his whole body, it gets very expensive. That is why I sign this."

    Vera Bendova, Nivy

  • Dr Michaels deserves to be covered by insurance companies

    "Finally a product for psoriasis that fully deserves to be covered by insurance companies."

    Stefan Jankovic, Praha

  • Contribution for Dr Michaels

    "I wish that for my problem that has been lasting for 38 years the next possible treatment would be covered by insurance. All my life I pay quite a lot of money for my health insurance and I belong among the ones that do not gather that much back from it, especially when this disease requires so much of costly maintenance. I want this for all of the people struggling with this disease."

    Marie H., Praha 3

  • Dr Michaels treats not only psoriasis

    "I am a mother of a three-year old daughter who has Ichthyosis lesions almost all over her body. Dr Michaels products improve the condition of her skin. But we only use them on certain parts of her body, because they are very expensive and we do not pause the treatment, as psoriasis patients do."

    Jirina Hrbacova, Ostrava-Poruba

  • One of the few effective products for psoriasis

    "This is an excellent product, one of the few that really helped my psoriasis problems."

    Tomas Drazdik, Pribram

  • Why throw away money for a different treatment?

    "Dr Michaels is the only product that has helped me after 47 years of dealing with the disease, so why would one throw away money for other treatment? It is the same financially with the other products, but there is a difference, because Dr Michaels is the only one that brings the best results."

    Anna Kopecka, Hustopece nad Becvou

  • Dr Michaels works

    "Dr Michaels has such results in terms of psoriasis treatment that no other remedy has so far." 

    Vaclav Vasak, Praha 8

  • Unexpected satisfaction with treatment results

    "Honestly, we were skeptical, but one has nothing to lose. We used Dr Michaels products for the first time this year, all three of them. Our family member has psoriasis all over his body so the products did not last long. He was very happy with the results, unfortunately, we do not have the finances to purchase these products as often as he needs."

    Erika Kourimska

  • I bow to Dr Michaels products

    "I have to admit that I did not expect such a big success of your products. After 20 years finally a first medicine that really works and my psoriasis is going away."

    Jiri Bastl

  • Unique help for psoriasis

    "I suffer from a real bad psoriasis and this is one of the very few things that helped me, in fact, one of the two." 

    Martina Kubinova

  • I highly recommend Dr Michaels products to everybody

    “I highly recommend these products to be included in psoriasis common treatment methods, considering the previous costs of my longtime unsuccessful treatments (various creams, shampoos, baths atc.), and rapid improvement of my psoriasis after using Dr Michaels products." 

    Karel Elis, Kadan

  • I am thrilled!

    "They are really magical products – they work. I am absolutely thriller about them. This is the first time something has actually helped me! I suffer from chronic psoriasis and conventional pharmaceuticals did not help, rather the opposite. This is the first time I believe in what was written on your website and I can only confirm that these products truly work." 

    Miloslava Sindrbalova, Brno

  • We are grateful for Dr Michaels products

    "My daughter speaks very high about this psoriasis treatment."

    Norma Houdkova, Liberec

  • Miracle

    "My skin is completely clear after 4 weeks of using the products. I undergone climate treatment in 2008 in Greece, but without much success. Dr Michaels product is a miracle."

    Alena Maresova, Holysov

  • Unbelief in expensive „magical products

    "I was also sceptical, due to the high number of unsound companies and ineffective products that are mostly very expensive. I am not the only one suffering from psoriasis, who searches, who listens to other sufferers what they do and where they travel to and how much it all costs. Dr Michaels products are not the only ones that I have tried. I have had a “smart mushroom” BioDelta (with no healing effect), tar and hemp creams and also different medications (mostly corticoids) from my dermatologist. They help, but I do not use them.

    I got Dr Michaels products under the Christmas tree and I have been using them once a day since the beginning of this year. I have psoriasis on 35 % of my skin, mostly in big lesions. Some of the lesions are circumscribed with psoriasis and the inside is healing nicely, some of them do not want to give up. After seven days the scaling and also the tension in affected areas have improved – very much so. For the first time I do not regret the money spent on psoriasis products."

    Jiri Landfeld

  • Very fast improvement

    "I confirm my very good experience with Dr Michaels products. I invested several thousands into these products and the improvement was very fast. I have also expresses my support that insurance companies should cover the cost of these products. The patients deserve it." 

    Svatoslava Zavodna

  • Treatment for psoriasis paid off

    "I am symptom-free after an 8-week treatment! The feeling of healthy hair is just wonderful. Only those who have gone through similar disease accompanied by ugly symptoms can understand. I followed the instructions and applied the cream and washed my hair dutifully every day (despite the high financial cost!) and it paid off – at least for now! The truth is that on June 26, 2006 I went for a vacation to the sea and I kept soaking my head in the salty sea water (which is very helpful for psoriasis) and I think that helped my skin as well.

    Anyway, Dr Michaels products helped me and I am hoping to keep my skin clear as long as possible. I stocked up on the cream and gel, just in case. So if I see even a small lesion again, I will immediately start using the products before it spreads all over my scalp."

    L. P.

  • I have been using the products for two months and my psoriasis is

    "Many greetings from your devoted patient! First I would like to thank you for your gift- skin oil, it has arrived in order.

    I have been suffering from psoriasis for 32 years. I had never had any symptoms until I was 20 years old, I think I might have caused it myself by eating Herbalive (or how is it spelled…)   It all started on my left shin, then knees, elbows, thatch etc. The only short term help - the sea, the sun and avoid a stress. None of the available medicaments helped, not even being a vegetarian for two years together with alcohol abstinence. Only the treatment Belosalic helps in the thatch, but it contains corticoids.

    I learned about Dr Michaels products on the internet while chatting with other psoriasis patients. I decided to give it a try and bought the whole set in pharmacy in Rychnov nad Kneznou. I have been using them for 2 months now and my arms are completely healed and my legs look much better. My knees are almost healed as well and I have to tell you that I started believing in complete healing. I am not going to use words such as miracle, incredible etc.,which are plentifuly used in today’s advertisement “massage”, but I am going to thank you and with my clear conscience recommend these products to all the psoriasis sufferers."

    Jaroslav Bunata, Peklo

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