New treatment methods for psoriasis

Prof. M.D. Jana Hercogova, CSc.

"And then we further noted that this medicament has in fact, as we were mostly administering it to the hospitalized patients and see them daily in fact, so I‘ve to say that we might have given it also to the patients with whom the therapy had already failed in a way, they might have been more serious patients than those the professor had. This is my own interpretation. And what we saw was like a sudden point of reversal and improvement with these patients..."

"...i.e. I would estimate this efficiency to about 70 % and maybe like to comment it by saying that even the most advanced medicaments, as we had already shown - the biologics that is that are very expensive are, facing the severest forms, so there is the efficiency which is amazing ranging between 50–70 %. I just would not like to look at the figure 70 as being bad and know therefore that even this figure tends to be very positive in reality."

" you know that on our market, as the professor mentioned, there is a variety of so-called "natural preparations" available, but I‘ve to say that that no patient admitted any major improvement after having taken and stuff. And the main advantage surely is that I need not be afraid to recommend it to this patient as I know it will cause him/her just a minimum harm that it can only help him/her that he/she won‘t make thus and adverse side effects. I think this that it is the absolutely most essential in this."

Prof. M.D. Frantisek Novotny, Dr.Sc.

"We have experience with 22 patients all in all, got some tiny samples for the research, so it turned out the way that in, let‘s say three months, we had, out of these 22 patients 6–8 fully recovered what was a kind of miracle, I‘d say..."

"...further, as for the remaining patients, the rate of successes ranged around these 60–95 %. On average, we can therefore assess the preparation with 90 % rate of successfulness provided that the patient is fully treated or very satisfied that only minor spots, such as on elbow, knees, or in thatch have left over."

Milos Zakoutsky – patient

"...and those new medicaments, new, from Australia, this was just a miracle, one can hardly call it otherwise, as I had, in fact, started taking it since December or this November, end of November, December and it took three months for those 95 % to vanish, so this is a miracle and I want to thank all those involved, who gave it us at our disposal."