My skin is lighter every day

"Good morning, I am extremely happy that I have found out about you on the internet. I studied everything carefully and purchased one set.

I have had psoriasis since I was sixteen. It was in a hidden form on my elbows, but after the birth of my youngest it became much worse. I have also been fighting the spots on my shanks for nine years. I am forty now. Recently the psoriasis started to appear all over my body in small spots which started to unobtrusively get bigger. I felt disgusting and was afraid that my husband would touch me on one of the scurfy and itching spot. I did not feel good emotionally either. Those of you who have the same problem for sure know what I am taking about. That is why I started to try different alternative ways until I found Dr Michaels products.

I have been using them for about six weeks and the result is amazing. The spots are not itching, they are not scurfy, the skin is becoming smoother and lighter every day. The small spots of psoriasis disappeared completely and the spots I have had for years are getting lighter. I am happy, thank you so much. All of you with the same problem – just be patient, follow the given instructions. It works."

Hana Slamova