My psoriasis got better in a month, after 3 years of suffering

"For more than 3 years I used to have big problems with my dry scalp, I was continuously using different products prescribed by my skin doctor, but nothing helped, my condition worsened. I stopped wearing dark clothes, because I was embarrassed by white skin flakes on my back. You cannot imagine my black computer keyboard at work, car seat covers, etc. The worst was the constant itch, which was unbearable. There were such big dry scales on my head, that I stopped going to the hairdresser. I started studying these problems on the internet and ordered my first Dr Michaels set. I started with the treatment process according to the directions. You may not believe me, but nowadays my head is not itching and there are no scales. I shortened my hair for easier application and my 3 years of suffering are gone. The first set cost me about 3 000 CZK at the pharmacy, therefore I was happy about your offer. My skin got better in a month, which is incredible, but it is a fact. I recommend everybody to give it a try, it is a miracle. On top of that, in the spring, I had an atopic eczema on my hands and in my face, and that cleared off as well." 

K. K., Mostkovice