My dermatologists cannot believe their own eyes

"Hello, I just want to thank all the people involved in the development, distribution and counseling for Dr Michaels products. I bought them, tried them and could not believe my eyes!

I had psoriasis on 5–10 % of my body, depending on if the “witch” had shown itself or not. But now I only have a few red spots on my body, no scales and my skin is clearer than any of my roommates’ in the dormitory – and they are not psoriatics!

I had been searching and had tried a lot of different things and eventhough I have had psoriasis for only a year, I have endured terrible things. Now I can take my shirt off in the summer! And I do not even use the products twice a day, sometimes I skip. But at the beginning, I definitely recommend not to be skimpy and use the products as per directions. I have gotten into habit of using them, it is a daily ritual for me now! If only the price was better! Unfortunately I have to apply the products on my whole body.

I have been in care of 2 dermatologists and they both look at me as if I was a small miracle – I have not been in their medical office for 3 months now. I hope the results will last and that these products will help you as well."