Miraculous treatment for 300 000 Czech psorioatic patients

"Natural products Dr Michaels for psoriasis treatment bring new hope to all patients with chronic forms of this disease. The combination of Gel, Cream and Oil can be very effective with patients suffering chronic forms of psoriasis even if they just apply them for a few weeks. The success ratio is over 80 %. These products contain no corticosteroids" summarizes the test results from testing the products on her patients Prof. Hercogova.

They can be nice, clever, well-behaved, but people would still avoid contact with them or even detest them, Life can be hard for those suffering psoriasis, an incurable disease that affects the largest body organ, skin. There are approximately 25 million people suffering this disease worldwide.

Psoriasis means having skin which is red and chapped and full of break-outs. Having yellow and crooked nails on toes and fingers, which look as if they were moldy. Body covered with grey scales, which keep falling off the body. Having pain and itching. Some people get so down emotionally, that they could be thinking about committing suicide. The estimates are that every fifth person suffers psoriasis.

So far there is no cure for psoriasis. The available medicine can only suppress the symptoms which appear on skin. "Psoriasis comes in various forms, some of its symptoms are not visible with bare eye but can still set a patient aside from normal life for a long period of time or even forever," explains Prof. Jana Hercogova from Na Bulovce Hospital in Prague. "However, only a few people know that it is not a transmittable disease and you can’t get it by being in physical contact with patients. Therefore there is no reason to avoid people with psoriasis" says well-known dermatologist.

Disease set me aside from normal life

Mr. Pavel Mastik has been suffering from psoriasis for several years already. He even had to leave his job because of it. "I have so called psoriatic arthritis. The disease attacked joints inside my body and that is very painful. Out of thirty days in a month I can move only about twenty, the remaining ten days I can’t move at all," describes this psoriasis patient his problems with this disease to SIP.

However, these are by far not the only problems. "The resent studies have proven that psoriasis is emotionally just the same or even more difficult for a patient as for example cancer or myocardial infarction. Approximately ten percent of all patients sooner or later think about committing suicide," adds Prof. Petr Arenberger, the head doctor of the Dermatology Clinic of Vinohrady Hospital in Prague.

Having new hope

This disease can have light through moderate up to severe forms. Depending on a form of psoriasis and on how big of an area it has attacked the doctors decide about the forms of treatment. The light forms get treated with creams, ointments and oils. Those are mainly steroid corticoids, but those have bad side effects and therefore treatment has to be often discontinued. Serious forms get treated by ultraviolet light on top of the regular treatment. It is called photo-therapy. It is also ideal to visit the Dead Sea on regular basis. Thanks to high contents of salt, magnesium and tar substances it has beneficial influence on psoriatic skin. For moderate up to severe forms of psoriasis it is also possible to apply biological treatment, so called "biologics" in form of infusions or injections.

"Natural products Dr Michaels for the treatment of psoriasis bring new hope to all patients with chronic forms of this disease. The combination of Gel, Cream and Body Oil can be very effective with patients suffering chronic forms of psoriasis even if they just apply them for a few weeks. The success ratio is over 80 %. These products contain no corticosteroids" summarizes the test results from testing the products on her patients Prof. Hercogova.

Ondrej: I had a miracle happen!

The first spot on Ondrej Tichota’s body appeared when he was little over 11 years of age. At the beginning it was rather unobtrusive but gradually it spread over almost his whole body. Since then this nice man learns to live with psoriasis and fight with it. At the moment he has been without any problems for four months.

It was like on a roller-coaster. When psoriasis hit him the most and slowly spread over his feet, arms, head and trunk, Ondrej and his near and dear ones started to seek all possible methods of treatment.

"At the beginning there was nothing else besides corticoids, the sun helped also, which I liked anyway. What also helped was coming to stay by the sea, I simply had to go. However, the success was only temporary, I was without red spots and corneous skin for only about two months," remembers this young man. He says he tried everything.

"What also looked promising was biologic treatment, but insurance companies cover it for only a few hundred people, for whom every other treatment has failed. What helped me, at least, was photo-treatment and baths, which I was taking in Prague-Cimice. I was going there daily for three-month sessions," tells Ondrej to SIP about his therapy.

However, the breaking point in his life was discovering Dr Michaels products. "I am not afraid to call this a little miracle. Within just a few weeks, I experienced great improvement!" says enthusiastic Ondra. He has now been able to wear short sleeves and short pants for four months.

"For three sets of this product I paid around nine thousand Czech crowns. This is how much my ultimate happiness has cost me," smiles this young man.

His head and face got completely healed after four months, the rest of his body after eight weeks and his legs after ten weeks. This brave young has had a great year so far. He has just finished his Masters Degree in Media Studies at the Social Studies Faculty of the Charles University.

What is psoriasis?

With healthy skin the skin cells mature in 28 days. With psoriatic patients, due to the infection the cells get up to the skin surface in just 3–4 days. They mature of poor quality and that is what causes extreme amount of these imperfect skin cells, which deface the surface of skin. However, psoriasis can appear everywhere and it can even cover the whole body. Very often the disease appears in between the age of 15–35 and persists for lifetime. Nobody else within the family may have to suffer from this disease. It can affect men and women equally.

No reason to worry

People with psoriasis encounter many situations during their lives when other people detest them. However, it is completely unnecessary, this is not a transmittable disease, can never be got from anybody. Not from shaking hands, nor from kissing or making love.

What types of treatment work and how

Biologic treatment – this medicine is very expensive and has many bad side effects. For a six-month treatment it costs about 400 thousand Czech crowns. That is why insurance companies only cover this treatment for patients for which other methods of treatment have failed. There are about 350 of such patients in the Czech Republic now. However, even biologic treatment can not cure psoriasis completely. The effectiveness of this method is about 46 %. The disease usually comes back after 3 months.

Local treatment – Corticosteroids and vitamin D derivates are the least financially demanding method with about 50 % effectiveness. Depending on the size of the affected area and the time of use it costs approximately 100–2 000 Czech crowns. This medicine is partially covered by insurance companies. However, the side effects are rather severe, for instance they cause reducing the skin layer, bleeding, extensive hair growth, metabolism changes and hormonal changes. The disease can came back to the same extend as before the treatment.

Dr Michaels – In comparison to other methods these products are very safe and without corticoids. The proven effectiveness is 82,3 %. The cost for one patient per year is in between 4–6 thousand Czech crowns. Since this is classified as cosmetics, the products are not covered by insurance companies. The disease comes back to some extend but in the following days the condition is improved.