Marie Prstková (57) – I know how to fight psoriasis

Till recently, Marie Prstková was always covering herself in long skirts and blouses with long sleeves from which you could only see her palms. "For almost thirty years I would not wear swimsuit, I would never go swimming. Now I finally can!" she says with a smile. Now she can easily wear a top with thin shoulder stripes or a short skirt. Now she knows how to fight psoriasis.

It started in the scalp

When Marie was 30 years old, she found a small spot the size of a dime in her scalp. It was three years after she gave birth to her first daughter and after she had a miscarriage. Within a year the disease spread over her entire head, behind her ears and into her forehead. "It was a terrible feeling, like putting egg-white into your hair and letting it dry out. It would make an airtight crust," says this woman, who works as a customs agent. After she gave birth to her second daughter in 1986, psoriasis spread over her whole body. Although she had a one-year old daughter at home, she has to be hospitalized.

Horrible tar ointments

In mid 80ties doctors treated psoriasis mainly with tar ointments. "They put some kind of a paste on my scalp, it got glued onto it and I could not take it off at all. It was truly like asphalt. Nothing worked in order to dissolve it, so at the end they had to cut my hair off," remembers Marie this terrifying experience. She had tried every possible treatment she was offered. She even visited a few healers, she tried baths, photo-therapy. However, all this methods only worked for a limited amount of time. It all cost a lot of energy and money, and it was also very nerve-wrecking. There was always a lot of disappointment, because nothing ever really worked. And with every ordinary disease psoriasis got even worst.

Camouflaging tricks

"I tried to hide the disease from everybody, I would only wear long pants and skirts and long-sleeved blouses and shirts and during the summer that was awful. Just a few people knew what I was going through and what was making my life so complicated, "describes this nice lady. She did not have the courage to leave the psoriatic spots uncovered on public. Psoriasis was not talked about, people thought it was contagious. At least the back of her hand was clean and even in her face Marie had no signs of psoriasis.

The wish to look better

In 2001 Marie moved from Moravia to Prague to stay with her older daughter. Four years later she went through a serious gynecological operation and after that psoriasis spread over her body even more – it was then covering almost 60 % of her entire body. The small spots connected themselves into big spots and the skin was full of break-outs which were open and bloody. "I did not know what to do. Even though I did not want to be using the hormonal ointments with corticoids, I had no other choice. I simply had to use them in order to overcome the worst stage. Then I gave up on everything and was just putting jelly lubricant on my skin. It had the same effect as other ointments, but it was cheaper, "says Marie. She was only wearing cotton clothes and washing them non-stop...
"I would read books that talked about having positive attitude towards the disease. But it is really hard to stand in front of the mirror and try to convince yourself that you love yourself, when you see how you really look…it just was not possible..." nods her head Marie, mother of two grown-up daughters.

She could not believe her eyes

The big change happened in 2007. Marie was searching and looking for something that would help her. While browsing on the internet, she just by accident found a discussion forum regarding Dr Michaels products. Patients were praising them, talking about a miracle. That same day she ran into the pharmacy and spent a few thousand Czech crowns. She started to use the products immediately and after 14 days she could not believe her eyes – the psoriasis in her scalp was gone. "It was wonderful, I felt as if I were re-born, I could finally go to a hairdresser," says Marie enthusiastically. Within 6 weeks, psoriasis was gone from her entire body. "I was so happy. I can’t even explain what I felt, after having lived with something like that for thirty years." Her voice is shaking. Would this be the happy end, the one you often see in fairy tales or commercials? Could seem to be that way, but it was not. The trouble went on.

Injury = psoriasis

Until Christmas Marie was happy about the results of the treatment. Then she had a lipoid tumor removed from her left shoulder and soon after this operation she found a few small pink spots on her feet. Psoriasis was not getting worst.

But in April 2008 she had a serious injury in a bus. Marie had torn-off the ligaments in her shoulder and a long-time infection in her whole arm. She started to have psoriasis spots on her legs and also on some other places of her body. "I was using Dr Michaels products, but the results were not good. After visiting Prof. Novotny in Dermatology Center I found out that in case there is any type of infection anywhere in the body, the products work worse or simply not work at all ", explains Marie. Therefore she had to go to salt baths and use the photo-therapy. It worked faster than before. However, not all the spots were gone. At the meantime she cured the infection in her hand and started to use Dr Michaels products again. "And they worked, again! So now I know when they can help me and in what situations I have to be using other kinds of treatment," finishes her story Marie.