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All Dr Michaels products can be purchased in any pharmacy without prescription. The price of one set of three mutually working products (Skin Care Gel, Skin Care Cream, Skin Care Oil) costs about 2,000 CZK.

On average you need 2-3 sets for a 6-8 week treatment (if the area of affected skin is smaller, you might only need one set). You can order our products in pharmacies, they will be delivered to you by a distribution company Phoenix and AllianceHealthcare, a.s.. In Slovakia they will be distributed by Phoenix Zdravotnické zásobovanie, a.s. a Med-Art, s.r.o. You can also order through online pharmacies DocSimon.cz.

Retail - Czech


Retail - Slovakia



PHOENIX Lékárenský velkoobchod, a.s.

Dr Michaels products can be ordered PHOENIX under the following names:

1624007 8594066380012 Dr Michaels Set (oil + gel + cream)
1528273 9314094008592 Dr Michaels Skin Care Cream 250 g
1528240 9314094008547 Dr Michaels Skin Care Gel 200 ml
1528257 9314094008554 Dr Michaels Skin Care Oil 200 ml
1528265 9314094008578 Dr Michaels Skin Care Cream 50 g

Pharmacy orders only.