I have been using the products for two months and my psoriasis is

"Many greetings from your devoted patient! First I would like to thank you for your gift- skin oil, it has arrived in order.

I have been suffering from psoriasis for 32 years. I had never had any symptoms until I was 20 years old, I think I might have caused it myself by eating Herbalive (or how is it spelled…)   It all started on my left shin, then knees, elbows, thatch etc. The only short term help - the sea, the sun and avoid a stress. None of the available medicaments helped, not even being a vegetarian for two years together with alcohol abstinence. Only the treatment Belosalic helps in the thatch, but it contains corticoids.

I learned about Dr Michaels products on the internet while chatting with other psoriasis patients. I decided to give it a try and bought the whole set in pharmacy in Rychnov nad Kneznou. I have been using them for 2 months now and my arms are completely healed and my legs look much better. My knees are almost healed as well and I have to tell you that I started believing in complete healing. I am not going to use words such as miracle, incredible etc.,which are plentifuly used in today’s advertisement “massage”, but I am going to thank you and with my clear conscience recommend these products to all the psoriasis sufferers."

Jaroslav Bunata, Peklo