I feel free again

May 9, 2007

"Greetings to everybody after a one-month test of Dr Michaels product.

I started on April 11, with my scalp all covered with flakes of skin, every day for the night I had to use the ointment and use the occlusion so that the following day I could be among people, my legs from knees down were all swollen, crackled and bloody all the way down to my ankles, on my back along my backbone and shoulders I had big red spots, I had it in my ears, in my groins, under my breasts, around my belly button, arms, elbows, thighs, I had psoriasis simply everywhere I looked, I do not have to explain how felt, who also has it knows.

Today, after one month of using the ointment – the scalp is clean as it has not been for 25 years, my body, except a few pink spots around my coccyx is clean, on my elbows I only have pink spots, my arms, under my breasts, my belly button, ears, cheeks, that all is healed!!! It is unbelievable, but it is true. I took a picture of my legs with my cell phone so that I could see the difference and show it, today I took another picture, my legs are in even better shape, light pink, on some places it is completely gone, where it begins with red spots and then connects together it starts to disappear and I am left with only small red spots. Legs were the worst, crackled and bloody, I could not walk, it hurt that much. Now I apply ointment 2x a day, really, it costs a lot but I believe that after eight weeks the legs will be clean as well.

In any case I have not felt so free and relieved all those 25 years I have had psoriasis, I am so enthusiastic about life, I plan to wear short skirts during the summer, it is so amazing when you can take your clothes off and not feel ashamed, I am not afraid to look in the mirror any more. If anybody does not believe me, MD. Fialova can proof at what stage she started to take care of me last year, even the radiation did not help my legs, not even the baths. I am so thankful for the help that Dr Michaels products have provided me. When I remember all the things I had to give up during these 25 years due to psoriasis, it is terrible. I would like to thank very much to Ms. Judita Kovacz, who started the import of these products and therefore helped all patients."

November 15, 2007

"Good morning, everyone who looks at this forum every now and then sees that I am a regular contributor about my treatment with Dr Michaels products.

During this spring I went through 9 weeks of intense treatment with all three products, I want to emphasize that I used them truly 2x a day. It was like a miracle for me, because the psoriasis that I had had for 25 years almost all over my body disappeared completely. At the beginning I was carefully watching myself it was not coming back, but as the time went I was sure it was not. I felt like a normal person after a long time. People suffering from psoriasis know what I am talking about.

A month ago I had a shoulder surgery ad afterwards I noticed only small pink spots (about the size of a pea), about five of them on each leg. Since I had no ointment at home, I had used it all, I left it alone waiting what would happen. It did not become bigger and I just use regular body lotion, but I will buy your products again, since I strongly believe that everything will get healed again. I had more than 50 % of my body affected by psoriasis so I will not get upset about the few sports when I know how to get rid of them.

I recommend everybody to use the three products of Dr Michaels, they help my friends as well. Always this time a year I had all of my body covered with psoriasis, literally, but now I have this great feeling of freedom, piece. As all the patients of professor Novotný always say, it comes back (if at all) only in small amounts or after some change, like a sickness. This year I am finally calm and happy, I KNOW HOW TO FIGHT WITH PSORIASIS!!!"

Marie Prstkova