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  • Results of Hungarian clinical studies (PDF, 396.26 KB)
    Prof. Dr. Horvath Attila, Institution: Univerzita Semmelweis, Budapest, Institut of skin and sexually transmittable diseases, H – 1085, Budapest, Maria ul. 41., type of study: public
  • Results of Austrian clinical studies (PDF, 130.41 KB)
    Prof. Dr. H. Honigsmann, university professor, University hospital clinic of skin medicine, Hospital of the Vienna City, Währinger Grurtel 18–20, A-1090 Wien
  • Results of Russian clinical studies (PDF, 2.86 MB)
    Prof. N.G. Korotky, doctor of medical sciences, member – correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the head of Institute of skin and venereal diseases of the Department of Pediatrics of the Russian State University of Medical Sciences

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