Dr Michaels improved the quality of my life

"I would like to let all PSORIASIS sufferers know, that my condition got 95 % better thanks to Dr Michaels products. I started using these natural products in 2004, when I became one of the 20 people, who got approached by Professor Novotny to participate in clinical studies for this new natural psoriasis treatment – Dr Michaels. I was very happy to be a participant for products that DO NOT CONTAIN STEROIDS. There was only one thing on my mind – if only this worked at least a little bit!

I dedicated myself to this treatment for 3 months. I was so surprised by the results, I could not believe it. There came in psychological and physical relief – I could go swimming, I could enjoy social life – without a shame, without covering up – simply INDESCRIBABLE RELIEF! It entailed to apply twice a day. The improvement was already visible after three weeks of use of Dr Michaels products (gel, cream and oil). Thanks to this Australian herbal treatment after 30 years I lived to see a "miracle" I had waited for so many years.

I had lungs inflammation in the spring. I worried about reccurence, but it was so mild, I was pleasantly surprised. At the places where I used to have big lesions of scales, were only light spots and petty scars. In the past I spent so much time, effort and money on "medicines" that did not help me at all. Only now I know that Dr Michaels is all worth it, because I have been without a breakout for 6 months. I recommend Dr Michaels set of products to all of those who have tried everything, it has not help and they are losing hope. The healing power of Dr Michaels products improved my life quality, those who suffer from this disease know what I am talking about. I would like to thank again to all who participated in my healing." 

Milos Zakoutsky, Nova Paka