Dermatologists will introduce new psoriasis treatment

New products for chronic skin disease, psoriasis, have higher than 80 % success rate, according to the extensive study conducted by Czech dermatologists. According to the 8-week study, this mostly natural healing cosmetics, which was developed by Australian doctor Michael Tirant, completely heals 60 % of patients and helps more than 20 % of patients get rid off half of the disease breakouts, while requiring only a short-term treatment procedure at home. The effect is long-term and the rate of disease reccurence is minimal, on average only about 25 %, in comparison to the infliction before the treatment.

These new products for treating psoriasis consist of 3 components – gel, cream and oil. This triple combination needs to be used two times a day and the whole procedure, even with a big infliction, takes up about one hour. "In two months, I was without any symptoms. My face and skin on my head were clear after just four weeks. Now I have been four months without any breakouts and I am content," described patient Ondrej Tichota, adding that some psoriatics stayed without breakout for even a year.

The products contain natural extracts. Fruit acids work on the skin as chemical peeling and other components are anti-inflammatory agents. What is important for patients is that these products do not contain hormones corticosteroids and they are available to buy over the counter in pharmacies.
"We have been seeing very good results even with children patients”, said a specialist for psoriasis treatment, Professor Frantisek Novotny, adding that the success rate with children patients was very high during this years’ tests, which took place at the University hospital in Motol in Prague.

Psoriasis causes rapid skin drying and its layering. It is characterized by red to dark red lesions with silver shining scales, and they can afflict the whole body, arms, legs, trunk, face and scalp, (hairy part of the head). Many times it can be seen on elbows, knees, abdominal and in the lower back area.

The trigger factors for disease are mostly emotional stress, diseases such as common cold, hormonal fluctuations or other inflammations. Psoriasis is quite common, in Central Europe about 2 % to 3 % of total population suffers from it, in the Czech Republic it is about 300 000 patients. It is purely human disease, which does not exist in animals. That makes it even more difficult with clinical studies of the disease and development of treatments.

Medical evaluation after 8 weeks of testing

  • healed: 120 patients – 59.11 %
  • improved by 75 %: 31 patients – 15.2 %
  • improved by 50 %: 16 patients – 7.88 %
  • improved by 25 %: 13 patients – 6.4 %
  • did not improve: 15 patients – 7.38 %
  • worsened: 7 patients – 3.44 %
  • did not show up for the last check-up: 1 patient – 0.49 %

Altogether: 203 patients
Average success rate: 82.3 %

Author: CT 24 (Czech Television 24)