Australian scientist heals psoriasis with herbs. Doctors amazed!

Australian medical scientist and biochemist Michael Tirant introduced herb mixture to treat psoriasis and astonished the world medical community. Now he was successful in the Czech Republic; domestic medical doctors tested Tirant’s herb formula on 300 patients, children and pregnant women including, and the success rate was 80 %. The treatment consists of gel, cream and oil and the monthly cost is about 2 000 CZK.  The insurance companies do not cover the cost yet, because the products are not on the official list of medicines. But the doctors seek for the insurance coverage in the Czech Republic, given the effectiveness of Tirant’s products.

"Psoriasis is a complex disease and the approach and treatment of each patient has to be individual. I believe that each and every group of medicines has its advantages and disadvantages. The big advantage of the natural remedies is that they may be used by everybody, children and pregnant women including. They would have to wait for any other treatment after giving birth.” said Jana Hercogova from Dermatoveneorological clinic at the University Hospital Na Bulovce.

Tirant’s “nature’s miracle” was discovered by accident

Tirant discovered the natural remedy for psoriasis by accident, while prescribing the products for a patient with atopic eczema. "She came back after 3 weeks and said: You should see my father – he has got psoriasis and your products have been much more effective on him than on me”, remembered Tirant.
In his research, he focuses mostly on causes that trigger outbrake of psoriasis.  "All these years I have been focusing on different triggering factors and how to solve them. I put together a list of mechanisms that iniciate outbrake of psoriasis - that involves e.g. stress or a skin injury”, said Tirant.

There are 2–5 % of residents of CR who suffer from psoriasis

Chemical medicaments are still used for treating psoriasis. The most commonly prescribed corticosteroids raise blood pressure and even stop growth of children, besides other side effects. According to doctors, 5% of population suffers from psoriasis, thus half a million of Czechs. As Jana Hercogova stated, until the end of millennium the doctors were in belief that the occurrence of psoriasis in the Czech Republic is 2–3 % lower.

Psoriasis is a common, noninfectious, inflammatory skin disease with great tendency to reccurence. It affects about 2 % of Central European population (there are no accurate statistics), the other 2–3 % have a hidden form of the disease. The disease breaks out most often between 10th and 13th year of age. Occurrence within a family is documented in 35 % of cases.