About us

Dear Visitor,

FRANKL Pharma, a small and dynamic company dealing with products eliminating the symptoms of psoriasis and other skin conditions was founded in 2004 in the Czech Republic. Since then it has opened a branch in Slovakia and in other EU markets.

We offer our patients natural cosmetics imported from Australia that do not contain steroids, hormones or harmful drugs that are often present in other products. Unlike other remedies for often debilitating diseases, our products are healthy even for small children, pregnant or breast-feeding women.

FRANKL Pharma has direct communication with our patients and personally helps each person by providing consulting with psoriasis and skin specialists. We also try to find and contact local dermatologists for our patients.

Even though we know many of these conditions are not curable, it is possible to help patients to keep their illness in remission. Our goal and motivation is to help everyone to live life to its fullest. My company was not created out of business interests, nor because I am a doctor. I was around psoriasis patients and saw them suffer emotionally and physically. Searching to find a cure I discovered Dr. Michael Tirant‘s products and I was overjoyed by the outstanding results. When I realized that it is not available in most places for all the individuals who quietly suffer from psoriasis, I understood immediately that making it known and available for everyone would be something I could call my life passion.

I also must emphasize my sincere and highest gratitude to the exceptional medical doctors I have had the chance to meet with during my work, and who works hard and with full devotion for their patients. Dr. Tirant, Prof. Novotny, Prof. Hercogova and M.D. Capkova are people who meant when they gave their Hippocratic Oath.

I hope all of us here at FRANKL Pharma can assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you may need any kind of assistance.


With warm regards,

Chief Executive Officer